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Workplace safety improved through employee engagement

Effort on workplace safety brought excellent results at Raisio's UK snack bar site in Newport. Determined work at the site resulted in a 72 per cent reduction in workplace accidents during 2014/2015.

Systematic efforts to improve workplace safety at the Newport site were started in 2014 because of the rising accident rates resulting from major production changes. A snack bar line from the closed Tywyn site had been transferred to Newport, the site had been reorganised and plenty of new employees had been recruited. 

Work safety was improved through clearly organised management.

The key accident types and their causes were first identified. The solution to prevent many of the most common accidents was found quickly and put into practice immediately.

The next step was to establish work safety policy and create HSE rules. Safety training was conducted with all personnel groups from senior managers to line managers and employees. In the trainings, employees agreed to comply with the safety rules. In addition, the rules are also for everyone to see on new notice boards. 
To keep safety matters at the forefront of people's minds, employees are encouraged to report near miss cases. This also enables to prevent accidents before they occur. Employees' improved engagement in the promotion of safety can be seen in a high number of near-miss reports.

Some financial investments were also made to promote safety at the Newport site. Through small, practical changes, the Newport site was made a safe and comfortable place to work.

With systematically organised and implemented safety management, some very good results were obtained at the site. Employee satisfaction improved and turnover decreased. The number of accidents declined and as a result, absences due to workplace accidents were halved during 2015.