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More responsible palm oil

The use of responsible palm oil is important to Raisio and its stakeholders. The Group is committed to using certified palm oil produced in line with the principles of sustainable development. All palm oil used in Raisio's foods in 2015 was certified. Our aim is to use only physically traceable palm oil by 2021 as required by the RSPO membership.

In 2015, 100 per cent of palm oil used in the company's foods was responsible and certified. 80 per cent was physically traceable palm oil (mass balance or segregated) and the rest was Green Palm certified. 

Palm oil accounts for about one per cent of all Raisio's raw materials.

The company uses palm oil in the production of various products, such as biscuits, snack bars, confectionery and subcontracted margarines. Raisio purchases palm oil and palm oil derivatives mainly as part of various fat mixtures from European operators.

In 2015, palm oil was replaced with other raw materials in Raisio's Confectionery business. Our Czech confectionery sites discontinued the use of palm oil entirely, which required modification of several recipes as the sites had used eleven raw materials containing palm oil. The UK confectionery sites abandoned the glazes and polishes containing palm oil. 

Raisio has been a member in the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) since 2011. RSPO develops the responsible palm oil production and related standards throughout the supply chain.