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In recent years, Raisio has developed its own confectionery brands by launching new products and package options meeting consumer needs. We have also expanded into new sales channels. Our long-term efforts have led to increased sales in Raisio's branded products. 

Main events in 2015 

  • Confectionery business showed a good, steady performance.  
  • In the UK, sales increased in Raisio's own branded products. Extensive promotional campaigns increased sales in the renewed Fox's confectionery. Sales grew also in Poppets and XXX confectionery.
  • At Leicester site, we continued our efforts to improve cost-effectiveness and service levels.
  • In the Czech Republic, sales increased in Raisio's own Pedro and Juicee Gummee confectionery. 
  • Free From products are a growing consumer trend. 

Financial review 

Net sales for the Confectionery business totalled EUR 105.4 (100.6 in 2014) million. EBIT remained at the good comparison period level. 

In the UK, production of retailers' private label products decreased while Raisio's own branded products showed a slight increase both in the UK and Czech Republic. A significant price decline of sugar and glucose used as raw material in confectionery resulted in lower prices of consumer products.

Business review 

In 2015, Raisio continued to expand its range of branded products with new product innovations and package options, providing consumers with interesting novelties and partners with cost-effectiveness.

Sales increased in Raisio's own branded products 

In the second half of 2015, the renewed Fox's brand had good visibility in the UK through the discount sector's extensive promotional campaigns. With successful campaigns, sales clearly increased for Fox's confectionery as well as for Poppets and XXX brands. The Leicester confectionery site continued its projects to improve cost-effectiveness and service levels.

In the Czech Republic, strong growth in the Pedro brand was driven by an extensive advertising campaign. Sales also increased in soft gums sold under the Juicee Gummee brand. Major partner agreements are continued, providing good opportunities for business growth.