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Fish feeds


Raisioaqua's good fish feed season

In 2015, fish farmers in Finland and Northwest Russia had one of the best summers of all time. In Finland, total volume of fish production did not, however, rise significantly due to the long hot period in 2014. Waters became too warm and a considerable number of fry farmed in the summer 2014 were lost. As a whole, 2015 was a good year for Raisioagro's fish feed business Raisioaqua. 

Thanks to good conditions in the summer 2015, fish grew rapidly and the average weight was high. As there were no spells of hot weather, feed deliveries remained steady throughout the summer. After the good season, gutting started earlier. The market could not absorb all the available fish, which resulted in a decline of producer prices. In Finland prices were partly even below cost prices. In addition, fish farmers' economic situation became more difficult as fish roe sales plummeted due to the Russian import ban. No replacement markets were found for roe. 

Sales in Finland at the comparison year level 

The starting point for 2015 was very challenging but thanks to the good farming season, Raisioaqua's net sales remained at the previous year level. Export volumes to Russia slightly declined from the previous year, which also had an impact on Raisioaqua's net sales. Export to Russia was affected by the country's economic situation and exchange rate changes. In Finland, sales volume was at the comparison year level. Successful new products, such as Hercules Plus, were very well received in the markets. Hercules Opti feeds, developed for optimising the fatty acid composition of fish, sold well. The Opti feeding concept gave birth to the Benella Rainbow Trout brand launched in the autumn 2015. 

Successful launch of Benella consumer brand.

Raisioaqua's key markets for fish feeds are Russia, Latvia and Estonia. Well over 90 per cent of export volume sales are exported to Russia, mainly to the Republic of Karelia and Leningrad region. Latvia surpassed Estonia in export volumes as Estonia's challenging economic situation affected fish farmers' livelihood. 

The launch of Raisioagro's first consumer brand, Benella Rainbow Trout, was a great success. Consumer feedback has been only positive. 

Raisioaqua aims at growth 

Raisioaqua aims to expand into new markets with its feeds and Benella consumer brand. New market expansion, high-quality products and new innovations enable profitable growth. Raisioaqua wants to be the first in the introduction of the so called Baltic Sea feed. The use of fishmeal containing mainly Baltic herring and sprat in Raisioaqua feeds would basically mean that more nutrients are removed from the Baltic Sea than are released there through fish farming.