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Strategic objectives

Raisio's vision is to be a forerunner in ecological and healthy snacks with leading brands, and an active developer of sustainable food chain. The company's strategic objectives are based on this vision.

The core of Raisio's strategy is a whole that includes innovations, healthiness, ecology and snacks. 


Raisio's operations are divided into two divisions: Brands and Raisioagro. Brands include Benecol, Snack & Cereal, Confectionery and Benemilk. Raisioagro includes cattle and fish feeds, grain trade and online store. 

Raisio = Brands and Raisioagro


Targeting profitable growth

Raisio's growth phase began in 2010 and continues today. During the growth phase, Raisio has completed several acquisitions but the company has also divested operations no longer part of its core competency. With the acquisitions, Raisio has gained a firm foothold in the UK snack and confectionery market. With the latest acquisition completed at the end of 2014, the UK became Raisio's largest home market for Benecol products. Raisio's acquisitions completed during the growth phase have significantly increased the company's net sales and EBIT. 

Raisio will continue to be an active operator in acquisitions in the categories that support the realisation of the company's strategy. 

Raisio's EBIT development and acquisitions

Continuing operations, excluding one-off items 

New products meeting consumer needs and streamlining of operations

The acquisition of Benecol business from the affiliates Johnson & Johnson in November 2014 was an important and good deal for Raisio. The acquisition enables the development of Benecol business on Raisio's own terms for the first time since 1997. As for the Benecol products, our long-term strategic goal is to improve competitiveness in existing markets, to expand into new markets as well as to develop and commercialise new products. 

Late 2015, Raisio decided to close the Southall site by the end of March 2016. The site's cereal production will be outsourced and snack bar production will be centralised to Raisio's Newport site. Northern European Snack & Cereal business complemented its range of branded products with new snacks meeting consumer needs.

International interest in Finnish oat expertise and oat products is an opportunity for Raisio as the company has top know-how related to oat processing. 

In the Confectionery business, streamlining of operations continued. Thanks to new products, new packages, new distribution channels and brand relaunches, we had good results with our long-term efforts to increase sales of Raisio's branded products. 

Raisioagro, strong expertise in cattle and fish feeds

Raisioagro continues to focus on the agricultural sectors where success is based on innovations and expertise in animal feeding and plant cultivation. Raisioagro aims to help its customers produce healthy food for consumers effectively, profitably and sustainably. 

With the clear focus, we aim to strengthen the position of both Raisioagro and its strategic brands among the customers and interest groups. Benemilk and Hercules LP Opti are concrete examples of Raisioagro's expertise and innovation capabilities. The choices are primarily guided by customer needs. Raisioagro's development efforts are targeted more strongly at strategically selected areas, i.e. cattle and fish feeds and plant cultivation. Raisioaqua's feed innovation is used in the farming of Benella Rainbow Trout launched for consumers in the autumn 2015.   

Raisio's solutions to global challenges

Raisio is an active innovator in the solving of global challenges of the food chain. In recent years, the company has commercialised innovations improving the efficiency of livestock production profitably. Raisio has the ability, desire and skills to create innovations improving profitability and efficiency of the food chain in a sustainable way.