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Raisio's year 2015

In 2015, Raisio recorded a record result of EUR 51.7 million excluding one-off items, which is a strong performance in a difficult market situation. Good results together with efficient net working capital management ensured an operating cash flow of EUR 65 million.

Group EBIT development

Continuing operations, excluding one-off items

Main events in 2015 

  • Acquisition of Benecol consumer product business at the end of 2014 was an important deal for Raisio. Home markets for Raisio's Benecol consumer products include the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Poland, Finland and Hong Kong.
  • At the end of 2015, sales in Benecol products showed strong organic growth in the UK. 
  • Northern European Snack & Cereal business had a good year, particularly successful launches were seen in new Elovena snacks.
  • In the UK, operations of Snack & Cereal business were enhanced and adjusted to market conditions. 
  • A European organisation was formed in the Confectionery business and sales increased in own brands.
  • Difficulties in dairy farming resulted in the switch to less expensive feeds with lower added value. The effects of Russia's import ban on dairy products were seen throughout the Finnish milk chain.  
  • Benemilk had its first Primafat order.

Raisio is profitable and international 

During the last ten years, Raisio has grown from a local, multibusiness company of low profitability with volume-driven operations to a profitable, focused and IPR-driven international operator in the food and feed sectors. 
Raisio's businesses are Benecol, Snack & Cereal, Confectionery and Raisioagro. Each business delivers net sales of more than EUR 100 million annually. Raisio is also active in the international commercialisation of Benemilk.  

Benecol is Raisio's most international brand. Due to the acquisition completed at the end of 2014, Raisio now has, for the first time since 1997, an opportunity to develop its Benecol business on its own terms in its significant home markets. Raisio is investing in the Benecol brand and its marketing and launching new products. In addition, Raisio continues its active efforts to open new Benecol markets, particularly with our partners in Asia.

Snacks are increasingly important, as people want to have healthy, natural and convenient choices to suit the mobile lifestyle. In 2015, Raisio launched Elovena snack bars and porridge cups, Harvest Cheweee snack bites, new Benecol spread, relaunched Dormen brand and also complemented the range of gluten-free Provena products. Demand for oat and oat products is increasing around the world and Raisio has oat-related top know-how.

In the confectionery, Raisio is a significant contract manufacturer of well-known, international confectionery brands and retailers. Raisio has several confectionery brands of its own in the UK and Czech Republic. FreeFrom is a new consumer trend in confectionery products, and Raisio has strong expertise in natural confectionery. 
Raisioagro, focusing on cattle and fish feeds, helps its customers produce healthy food efficiently, profitably and sustainably, always ensuring animal welfare. Together with its partners, Raisioaqua launched Benella Rainbow Trout for consumers in the autumn 2015. Now sustainably farmed, healthy rainbow trout stands out in supermarket fish counters. Raisioaqua's unique Hercules Opti feeding concept is used in the feeding of Benella Rainbow Trout. Benella is healthy food and it has been granted the Finnish Heart Association's Heart Symbol. 

The international commercialisation of Benemilk was continued. In addition to the licensing model, Primafat ingredient sales-based business model was established in spring 2015. The first Primafat order was received at the end of 2015, which means that Benemilk is no longer a pre-revenue company.