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Raisio's highlights 2015


Raisio to remodel its UK Cereal & Snack business 


Benemilk Ltd to assess new financing options

Raisio's Q3/2015 Interim Report: Record EBIT of EUR 16.0 million excluding on-off items 

Benecol 20 years: Finnish innovation grew to become a global consumer brand


Snacking is growing in Finland - There is a need for healthier snacks 


Raisio to remodel its UK cereal business


Benemilk patents granted first in South Africa

 Benella Rainbow Trout helps save the environment 


Raisio's Q2/2015 Interim Report: Raisio raising the outlook for the financial period 


Benecol launched in China


Raisio's Q1/2015 Interim Report: The EBIT improvement confirmed that Raisio is back on a growth trend  

Benecol business acquired at the end of 2014 has successfully been integrated into Raisio

In addition to the licensing model, an ingredient sales-based business model was established


Elovena 90 years: Cooperation with the Finnish Athletics Federation (SUL) and schools expanded to celebrate the anniversary 


Benecol products launched in South Korea


Raisio's Financial Statements: At Raisio, the year 2014 was twofold

Raisioagro's fish feed business is Raisioaqua