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Raisioagro – other operations

In farming supplies, Raisioagro focused on more profitable product groups. In Europe, good harvest impaired the profitability of grain exports significantly.

Raisioagro's online sales increased

Sales in fertilisers and liquid fuels decreased significantly from the comparison year since Raisioagro focused on sales of more profitable product groups due to intensified competition. This changed the sales structure of Raisioagro's farming supplies and lowered credit loss risk. Raisioagro's major growth opportunities are in grass seeds, biological preservatives and in wrap films and net wraps used on the farms. 

Comparable online sales increased. Focus on farming supplies used on dairy farms as well as the development of product range improved the profitability of online store. The role of fertiliser and fuel sales in the online store profitability was not significant.

European price levels significantly affect grain export opportunities 

Finnish grain exports were exceptionally high in the spring 2015. The grain trade slowed down for the summer. In the autumn, as harvesting started, the grain trade picked up again, because of the low levels of Finnish inventories. Good harvests in Europe significantly weakened the grain export opportunities at the end of 2015.