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Home markets for Benecol consumer products 

Home markets for Raisio's Benecol consumer products include the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Poland, Finland and Hong Kong. Of these, the UK and Poland are the largest markets for Benecol products. Some 80% of all Benecol products are sold in Raisio's home markets of consumer products. With the acquisition completed at the end of 2014, the Benecol unit is increasingly focused on consumer products in several markets. 

Global market for cholesterol-lowering foods is estimated to be around EUR 2.45 billion (source: Euromonitor 2013). In the UK, the key market for cholesterol-lowering functional foods, Benecol dominates with its market share of more than 50% (source: IRI). Raisio estimates that the global market share of effectively cholesterol-lowering Benecol products is 15-20%.

Growth for several home markets  

Europe remains the largest and most significant market for cholesterol-lowering Benecol products. In Europe, the category growth did not reach the speed of previous years, and the competition intensified. The category development in Europe was affected by general economic conditions in many countries and, in terms of cholesterol-lowering foods, by the overall downward trend of the important margarine category.  

Sales in Benecol products varied in Raisio's home markets for Benecol consumer products. In Finland and Hong Kong, Benecol products showed the strongest growth. Good growth was also seen in the UK, Ireland and Poland at the end of 2015. In many Raisio's home markets, Benecol product sales were supported by a new TV advertisement. In addition, marketing and retail trade activities were increased. A visible and successful marketing and sales campaign was conducted in the UK together with the Heart UK organisation in the autumn 2015. 

Benecol yoghurt drinks continue to grow in popularity

Yoghurt drinks and margarines are the most significant product groups in Raisio's home markets for Benecol consumer products. (lause poistettu) The best sales growth was seen in Benecol yoghurt drinks. Raisio is developing new Benecol products for the growing categories meeting consumer needs for cholesterol-lowering solutions.