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Raisio's Brands Division includes Snack & Cereal, Benecol and Confectionery businesses as well as Benemilk business as its own company. Key markets of Raisio's Brands Division are the UK, Poland, Finland, the Czech Republic and Russia. The markets for Benecol product ingredient, plant stanol ester, are global. Raisio's well-known brands are Benecol, Elovena, Sunnuntai, Provena, Nordic, Honey Monster, Poppets, Fox's and Juicee Gummee. 

Main events in 2015 

  • Acquisition of Benecol consumer product business at the end of 2014 was an important deal for Raisio. Raisio's new home markets for Benecol consumer products include the UK, Ireland and Belgium. 
  • At the end of 2015, sales in Benecol products showed strong organic growth in the UK. 
  • 2015 was a good year for Northern European Snack & Cereal business. 
  • New Elovena snacks performed well.
  • In the UK, operations of Snack & Cereal business were enhanced and adjusted to market conditions.
  • A European organisation was formed in the Confectionery business. 
  • Sales increased in several of Raisio's own confectionery brands. 

Brands Division 

Financial review 

Net sales for the Brands Division totalled EUR 385.1 (306.1 in 2014) million. EBIT for the Brands Division amounted to EUR 45.4 (20.6 in 2014) and, excluding one-off items, 55.4 (35.9) million, which is 11.8 (6.7) and, excluding one-off items, 14.4 (11.7) per cent of net sales. Net sales and EBIT were primarily increased by the Benecol consumer product business acquired in the UK, Ireland and Belgium.

Exchange rates had a clear positive effect on the Brands Division's net sales and EBIT. The positive effect of exchange rates is shown especially in the UK operations generating a considerable part of the Brands Division's net sales and EBIT.

Key figures for the Brands Division

    2015 2014
Net sales M€ 385.1 306.1
  Snack & Cereal M€ 138.9 141.7
  Benecol M€ 140.3 62.3
  Confectionery M€ 105.4 100.6
  Benemilk M€ 0.0 0.0
EBIT M€ 45.4 20.6
One-off items M€ -10.0 -15.3
EBIT, excluding one-off items M€ 55.4 35.9
EBIT, excluding one-off items % 14.4 11.7
Investments* M€ 9.1 103.1

* Including the acquisition

Business review

The Brands Division's businesses are dealt with in the reviews of each business in this Annual Report.

Snack & Cereal