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Benella Rainbow Trout help save the environment

In the autumn 2015, Raisioaqua launched its Benella fish brand to consumers. The brand supports sustainable and responsible food chain. Benella Rainbow Trout fed with Raisio's Hercules Opti fish feed innovation is good for the environment and for human health.

Benella Rainbow Trout is based on the feeding concept called Hercules Opti optimising feed raw materials during different stages of rainbow trout farming. The new feeding method has enabled a considerably lower use of marine oil in the farming and reduced the phosphorus load on the water system. At the same time, good product quality is ensured also in terms of consumers' heart health.

More responsible feeding concept

The main energy source in fish feeds has traditionally been marine oil obtained from wild fish. The world's fish stocks are diminishing and Raisioaqua wanted to find a more responsible alternative to fish oil. 

Benella contains healthy fatty acids good for heart and blood vessels.

Almost half of the fish oil used in Raisioaqua's Hercules Opti feeding has been replaced by Finnish rapeseed oil. The feeding concept has two stages. At the beginning, fish are fed with feeds containing more rapeseed oil. At the final growth stage, fish are fed with a feed containing more fish oil, which ensures that food fish accumulates adequate amounts of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) important for human cardiovascular health. Benella Rainbow Trout fed with Raisioaqua's feed contains healthy fatty acids good for heart and blood vessels as recommended in dietary guidelines.

Hercules Opti utilises Raisioaqua's innovation, dating back to 2008, reducing the phosphorus load of fish farming by 26 per cent. The phytase enzyme added to the feed enhances the usability of vegetable raw materials: digestibility of phosphorus improves and the fish can utilise a higher proportion of phosphorus.

Raisioaqua developed the Hercules Opti feeding concept together with Natural Resources Institute, University of Turku and National Institute for Health and Welfare.

Benefits throughout the food chain

Sustainable development of fish farming creates conditions for the growth of blue bioeconomy based on water resources. Through many steps, Benella has proceeded from multidisciplinary research to a product benefiting the whole value chain. Profitable and sustainable food chain is competitive and able to generate further progress.

Benella Rainbow Trout meets consumer needs for tasty, environmentally friendly and healthy food. Finnish farmed rainbow trout has been added on the green list of recommended fish choices in WWF's Seafood Guide. Healthy Benella has also been granted the Finnish Heart Association's Heart Symbol.