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Healthier snacks attracting interest

Consumers want to eat healthy, tasty and convenient snacks. Familiar fibre-rich Elovena snack biscuits and new fruity Elovena snack bars are a natural and healthy snacking choice for consumers.

The nutritional value of snacks is really important

The survey Raisio conducted in the spring 2015 showed that for a Finn, an ideal snack is healthy, nutritious, substantial enough, easy to use and tasty. Snacks are eaten for energy and refreshment. According to the Findiet study conducted by the National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finns get up to 40 per cent of the daily energy from snacks, so the nutritional value of snacks is really important.

Raisio continues its long-term efforts to develop healthier and convenient snacks. For example, Elovena snack biscuits launched ten years ago have grown in popularity year after year. Raisio's study showed that already a third of the biscuits sold in Finland are bought for a snack. More than a fifth of single-serve packaged Elovena and Provena instant porridges are eaten as snacks. 

Demand for natural snacks growing 

Consumers want to have more natural snacks containing no added sugar or additives. Elovena Fruity Snack Bar, launched in the autumn 2015, is made of dried fruit and oat. It only contains natural sugars found in oat and fruit. The bar is also rich in fibre, so it keeps hunger at bay. The bar comes in two flavours, Strawberry-Raspberry and Cocoa. Elovena Fruity Snack Bar is free from additives, gluten and lactose making it suitable for many diets.

Demand for healthier snacks is also growing in the UK.

At the end of 2015, Raisio launched Harvest Cheweee Fruit & Oat Bites, a good add to children's lunch boxes, for instance. They too are natural, made of fruit and oat, and additive-, gluten- and lactose-free. 

Good snacks from oat 

Oat is a nutritionally versatile grain. It contains a good balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat. A big part of oat fibre is soluble beta-glucan that is gentle on the stomach and helps control cholesterol levels. In addition, fibre stabilises blood sugar and makes you feel full for longer. 

Oat is also suitable for gluten-free diet if it is produced separately from other grains, which means that it is so called pure oat. Raisio's gluten-free Provena products are made of tasty pure oat, the most nutritious of all gluten-free grains. Provena product line includes several snack products, such as snack biscuits and instant porridges.