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Ecological pioneering for 10 years already

Responsibility is an integral part of Raisio's operations and strategy, combining innovations, healthiness, ecology and snacks. For ten years already, we have actively contributed to the responsibility of our own operations and of the whole food chain through our environmental innovations, among other things. 

Raisio's key responsibility themes are sustainable food chain, healthier food, and safety and wellbeing at work. We have set measurable targets for these themes in our Responsibility Programme for 2016-2018. As a forerunner in plant-based nutrition and an expert in animal feeding, Raisio has the ability to develop the sustainable food chain and to increase wellbeing of consumers and animals with its high-quality products. 

Global megatrends, such as climate change, population growth and fresh water shortage, challenge the food production. At the same time, consumers are increasingly interested in healthy lifestyles. Raisio's healthy foods made of sustainable raw materials and our unique innovations meet these global challenges. Healthy and ecological nutrition as well as innovations improving the cost-efficiency and sustainability of agriculture play a key role in reducing environmental impact of the food chain.

In this report, we outline our objectives we have set ourselves concerning the new Responsibility Programme and report on our responsibility work in 2015. Only a responsible food chain brings results. Raisio's expertise and strategy support this.  

CEO Matti Rihko