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Diverse value chain
Value chain

Raisio affects the beginning of the value chain, i.e. suppliers, by following its principles of responsible purchasing. Suppliers are required to comply with Raisio's ethical principles. Some of Raisio's own branded products are made by subcontractors. Then our contracts define precisely, for example, quality criteria of raw materials used and social responsibility issues. In addition, Raisio itself purchases raw materials used in its products to many of its subcontractors.

Raisio purchases grain close to its production plants whenever possible. In Finland, Raisio purchases some 60 per cent of the grain from its contract farmers. Due to close cooperation, Raisio has the opportunity to influence its contract farmers' farming practices through, for example, guiding services. 

Raisio continuously examines the behaviour and needs of consumers.  This way, we can provide retailers with interesting branded products and innovations meeting consumer needs. The company also provides sales support and invests in its brands to keep them commercially interesting. Trade organisations, wholesalers and industrial customers set requirements for Raisio regarding the responsibility of products.

In terms of the international Benecol ingredient business, Raisio's influence extends to the guidance and counselling of licencing partners. Licensing agreements define in detail matters related to the products and use of the brand. In addition, Raisio's licensing partners are committed to Benecol Partner Code of Conduct. 

At the higher end of the value chain of consumer products, Raisio influences consumers by communicating on nutrition, environmental labels, recipes and tips to use the products, among other things. 

Raisio influences dairy and fish chains by providing producers feeds promoting profitable agriculture. Raisio's feeding solutions affect animal welfare and improve the yield. Feeding innovations have significantly reduced the environmental impact from the fish chain.

Raisio plc's shares are listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd. The company has over 36,000 shareholders and about 1,700 employees. Raisio operates in 13 countries and has production plants in 12 places in three countries.