Annual Report 2015

Raisio achieved record results

In 2015, Raisio improved its EBIT by 48 per cent from the previous year and the Board of Directors proposes that the dividend paid for 2015 will be raised by 14 per cent. Raisio's Brands Division continues with its focus on healthy and ecological snacks. Raisioagro focuses on cattle and fish feeds. Competence, innovations and responsibility are at the core of Raisio's operations.

* excluding one-off items


+48 %

EBIT margin* 

9,9 %

Dividend proposal

+14 %

Cash flow 

65 M€

Ecological pioneering for 10 years already

In 2015, Raisio continued its long-term work as a developer of sustainable food chain. Examples of our achievements in 2015 include the launch of healthy, environmentally friendly Benella fish for consumers and the promotion of responsible raw material purchasing. In addition, the company developed its responsible management processes and prepared a Group-wide Responsibility Programme for 2016 - 2018. Raisio's responsibility work is focused on three themes: sustainable food chain, healthier food, and safety and wellbeing at work.

Raw materials




grains of all raw materials


better efficiency with Benemilk


less workplace accidents

Healthier Food

Benecol is one of Raisio's top innovations. Millions of consumers have lowered their cholesterol with Benecol products for 20 years already. Raisio has the ability and expertise to develop healthy, ecological, delicious and convenient foods meeting consumer needs. Raisio also has strong oat-related know-how. Popularity is growing in the Elovena and Provena products containing oat. Healthy, environmentally friendly Benella Rainbow Trout based on Raisioagro's feed innovation was launched for consumers in autumn 2015.

Benecol 20 years Good sales in new Elovena products
Benella Rainbow Trout makes good More natural snacks