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Raisio's environmental impact

Raw materials and material efficiency

Raw materials of Raisio's products are renewable. Our objective is efficient use of raw materials. In 2015, raw material use in our Finnish production plants decreased by almost 20 per cent compared to 2014. The most significant factor in the decrease was the termination of pig and poultry feed production at the end of 2014. Some material transfers occur between Raisio's production plants causing repetition in the reporting. Water use for products is not included in the raw material quantities.

For the entire Group, recoverable waste accounts for more than 70 per cent of the total waste volume, and more than 90 per cent for Finnish operations.  The amount of food waste used as feed covered more than 50 per cent of the total amount of waste.

Scope of reporting: For raw material use, Finnish production plants are reported in 2013 and 2014. In 2015, continuous operations of the whole Group are reported. Landfill waste is reported for the Group's continuous operations.


Water use in an important environmental factor at Raisio, as water is used in production and cooling processes. Water is used economically and all usable waters are recycled. For example, recycling of cooling waters can be enhanced with a filtering solution. 

Raisio has reduced its total water consumption. However, the centralising and streamlining activities conducted in the Finnish feed factories and in the UK resulted in increased water consumption per tonne of product. 

Scope of reporting: Continuous operations of the whole Group.


Total energy consumption decreased by 6 per cent in Raisio Group in 2015. The company's energy supply is mainly based on purchased energy. 

Scope of reporting: Continuous operations of the whole Group

Emissions from energy production

Raisio reports the direct greenhouse gas emissions generated in its own energy production in Finland as CO2e values. Reporting also includes the CO2e values of purchased energy according to the quantities Raisio's energy suppliers have reported. Carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) describes the total climate warming effect of greenhouse gases.

Electrical energy Raisio buys in Finland is eco-labelled and its production does not cause greenhouse gas emissions. Electricity purchased to Finland accounts for 60 per cent of the Group's electricity consumption. In Finland, Raisio has two power plants, one in Raisio and the other in Kouvola. Both the plants are within the scope of emissions trading.

Scope of reporting: Finnish production plants