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Good results in environmental responsibility

Raisio's business is based on sustainable corporate practices. Our two environmental priorities are reducing energy usage and improving material efficiency.

Raisio reports on the environmental impact arising from its own production. The Group's operations result in environmental impacts throughout the life cycle of the products. 

Raisio has twelve production plants located in Finland, the UK and Czech Republic. The Group is constantly seeking new ways to develop its processes in order to make the production more environmentally friendly. Throughout the life cycle, the greatest impacts of Raisio's products arise in the primary production of renewable raw materials, which the company affects by developing its principles of responsible purchasing

With its responsibility programme, Raisio enhances the monitoring and reporting of environmental impacts in all of its production activities. 

None of Raisio's production plants are located in protected areas or in areas of high biodiversity value, or in their immediate vicinity.  

Main events in 2015

  • In terms of the whole Group, the most significant environmental indicators were decided to be energy consumption, material efficiency and recyclability of packaging. We are looking for alternative ways to further develop these areas and numerical targets will be set in 2016. Earlier, environmental targets have only covered the production activities in Finland, but as the company has expanded rapidly in recent years, goal-oriented environmental work will be unified throughout the Group.
  • Raisio has been involved in the energy efficiency agreement in Finland since 2009. According to the agreement, energy use in Finland should be reduced by nine per cent from the level of 2005 by 2016. Raisio has made good progress in its objective, and experiences gained in the project are used throughout the Group.
  • Compared to 2014 Corporate Responsibility Report, the environmental figures do not include the Polish pasta business divested in 2015. In addition, the operations at the Finnish feed factories and British food factories were centralised and streamlined, which also affected the figures reported in 2015.

Results 2015

  • Raisio invested in, among other things, improvement of process and occupational safety, energy efficiency, waste management and wastewater treatment. 
  • The Group's energy consumption decreased by six per cent. Savings were achieved by improving of heat recovery. The company's landfill waste declined by 22 per cent.The amount of wastewater generated by the Group fell by nine per cent.
  • It is Raisio's policy to conduct business in compliance with all laws and regulations. No significant environmental damages were identified in the Group's offices and the Group received no fines or sanctions for violations of environmental legislation in 2015. 
  • At the Finnish production plants, production loss was decreased by developing process efficiency, at the Czech confectionery site by increasing the batch sizes and at the UK-based confectionery sites by improving ventilation. 
  • All Raisio's product packages are made of recyclable material, with the exception of some candy wrappers.
  • After the reporting period in January 2016, the company made a decision to build its own bioenergy plant in Raisio. The plant will be introduced in the spring 2017 and it will replace the purchase of coal-based industrial steam so that the carbon footprint of Raisio's production plants will be significantly reduced. 

Objectives for 2016-2018

  • In 2016, we will prepare the energy saving plan for the entire Group and set targets for 2018. 
  • We will perform energy audits at all our production plants at least every two years.
  • We will analyse material efficiency in terms of raw materials and other production inputs. We will prepare a plan to reduce production wastage and set targets for 2018.  
  • We will make all our product packages recyclable. 
  • We will continue to develop and commercialise innovations that benefit the environment and our customers.