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Raisio Group

Raisio plc is a successful international company. Raisio has been able to improve its dividend for nine consecutive years, which shows the company's ability to renew itself and to generate added value to its customers through innovations.

Raisio's vision is to be a forerunner in ecological and healthy snacks with leading brands as well as an active developer of sustainable food chain. Raisio's top innovations and numerous inventions are examples of the ability to develop products and methods to solve global problems in the food and agro-sectors and to improve profitability, taking sustainable development into account.

Raisio's operations are divided into two divisions: Brands and Raisioagro. The Brands Division includes Snack & Cereal, Benecol, Confectionery and a joint venture Benemilk Ltd. Raisioagro Division includes cattle & fish feeds, grain trade and farming supplies. 

Raisio recorded a record result in 2015

Raisio's story began from a mill founded in South-West Finland in 1939. Now Raisio's shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd, and the company has some 36,500 shareholders. Some 1,800 people work at Raisio and as many as 80% of them outside Finland. In 2015, the Group's net sales totalled EUR 521 million and EBIT was EUR 51.7 million excluding one-off items. 

Raisio's products are sold to some 60 countries.

Raisio's product range includes snacks, breakfast and baking products, cholesterol-lowering functional foods, plant stanol ester – a Benecol product ingredient – and confectionery. In addition to its own branded products, Raisio also produces snack bars and confectionery to its partners. In addition to cattle and fish feed production, Raisioagro is an important operator in the Finnish grain trade as well as a valued developer and expert of feeding concepts.  

Raisio's key markets are Finland, the UK, Russia, Poland and the Czech Republic. The markets for Benecol products are global. 

Raisio in the world