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Raisioagro helps its customers produce healthy food for consumers sustainably, effectively and profitably, with animal welfare in the foreground. Strong feeding expertise and innovative feeds are at the core of Raisioagro's operations. The company's activities focus on cattle and fish feeds, feeding expertise and plant cultivation.

Main events in 2015 

  • Fish feed sales were at the comparison year level, profitability improved 
  • Difficulties in dairy farming were seen in the switch to less expensive feeds with lower added value. 
  • In farming supplies, focus was on more profitable product groups. Sales in, e.g., fertilisers were significantly down. 
  • Low price levels in Europe considerably impaired the profitability of grain exports. 
  • Benella Rainbow Trout, created together with the whole production and distribution chain, was launched to consumers. 

Financial review 

Raisioagro's net sales totalled EUR 145.9 (201.6) million. Finland accounted for over 80 per cent, Russia over 10 per cent and other markets clearly less than 10 per cent of Raisioagro's net sales.

Raisioagro's EBIT was EUR 2.4 (-8.9) and, excluding one-off items, 2.8 (3.4) million. Particularly dairy farmers' transfer to less expensive products with lower added value affected negatively Raisioagro's EBIT. Raisioagro's return on restricted capital improved. 

Key figures for Raisioagro

    2015 2014
Net sales M€ 145.9 201.6
EBIT M€ 2.4 -8.9
One-off items M€ -0.4 -12.3
EBIT, excluding one-off items M€ 2.8 3.4
EBIT, excluding one-off items % 1.9 1.7
Investments M€ 0.7 1.1

The figures of the comparison year 2014 include the terminated production of pork and poultry feeds and vegetable oils. The terminated operations had a significant impact on the net sales decrease but almost no significance in terms of EBIT.

Business review

Cattle feeds

The effects of Russia's import ban of dairy products are indirect and can be seen throughout the milk chain. In Finland, the decline in milk prices at the end of the year accelerated dairy farmers' switch to less expensive feeds with lower added value. In the changing market, Raisioagro launched new feeds in its Maituri and Melli lines suitable to be used with farmers' own high-quality silage. The company also adjusted its cost structure to changing conditions. In recent years, Raisioagro has strongly focused on value added feeds, of which Benemilk is a good example.

Raisioagro's special expertise in cattle feeds

Raisioagro continued the monitoring of Finnish farms with milking robots and milking stations. At the end of 2015, there were more than 50 farms in the monitoring programme. Through the monitoring, milk producers and Raisioagro together identify opportunities to improve yields with correct feed choices, to ensure animal welfare and to measure the results.

Fish feeds

In Finland and exports, sales volumes of fish feeds were at the comparison year level. Feed deliveries remained stable during the summer as there were no long-lasting heat waves that would have warmed water too much, and fish ate well throughout the season. Raisioaqua's key export markets are Northwest Russia, Latvia and Estonia. Russia accounted for more than 90 per cent of total exports despite the exchange rate movements. Raisioaqua had particularly good results with its accounts receivable management. 

Finnish consumers appreciate environmentally friendly Benella Rainbow Trout 

Together with its partners, Raisioaqua launched Benella Rainbow Trout to consumers in September 2015. Now sustainably farmed, healthy rainbow trout stands out in supermarket fish counters.

Raisioaqua's unique feed innovation is used in the feeding of Benella Rainbow Trout. The feed reduces nutrient loads in water bodies and its rapeseed oil replaces fish oil obtained from the wild fish stocks. Benella is healthy and it has been granted the Finnish Heart Association's Heart Symbol. By following Raisioaqua's Hercules Opti feeding concept, the fish farmer is entitled to use the Benella brand. Benella Rainbow Trout has had plenty of positive consumer feedback, and now many fish farmers want to become Benella fish producers.