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Responsibility management model

Promotion of responsibility is part of each Raisio employee's work. Raisio's vision and strategy guide Raisio's responsibility work and its priorities are defined in our Materiality Assessment. Group-level guidelines and policies define operating model: 

Quality, environmental, health and safety (QEHS) policy

Ethical principles

Human rights and equality policy

Rewarding policy

Competence policy

The Group's Responsibility Programme provides practical tools for management, guiding the focus on material themes and setting indicators and goals to monitor the performance.
Roles and responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities

Board of Directors Monitoring the implementation of responsibility and confirming material themes
Management Team Managing the responsibility work. Confirming responsibility objectives. Dealing with the progress of the Responsibility Programme and the Materiality Assessment at least once a year.
Businesses Organisation and implementation of practical measures related to Corporate Responsibility
Steering group of responsibility Developing the principles guiding the Group's responsibility and setting objectives to responsibility work.
Responsibility Working Group Promotion of the Group's responsibility issues, coordination of practical measures, internal consulting and support for the implementation of the objectives, communication. Responsibility Working Group reports to the Steering Group