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Target-oriented Responsibility Programme

Raisio's Responsibility Programme for 2016 - 2018 was approved in the Group Management Team in October 2015. Raisio has long worked on corporate responsibility and material themes. The company has grown and internationalised significantly in recent years, and responsibility issues have become more and more varied and complex. Different markets and different business models focus on different types of responsibility themes. The Group's most important objectives were compiled in Raisio's Responsibility Programme.

Now the long-term work was transformed into a programme form, and objectives and indicators were specified. Responsibility Programme is a practical tool to be used in Raisio's responsibility work: to set objectives and indicators for material responsibility themes. All Raisio's businesses actively participated in the preparation of the Responsibility Programme and have committed to its implementation. 

Implementation of the Responsibility Programme will start in 2016. However, we have already in this Corporate Responsibility Report informed about the starting point and work that has been done for the objectives.


Raisio's Responsibility Programme

The programme is structured around three themes material for Raisio and its stakeholders:

  • Sustainable food chain
    • Ethical and environmental aspects are related to the purchase of raw materials. Management of these aspects is material to the company. In addition, Raisio aims to diminish the environmental impact of its own production.
  • Healthier food 
    • Development of healthier products and services is important to customers and at the core of Raisio's strategy. At Raisio, we never compromise on product safety.
  • Safety and wellbeing at work
    • Staff safety and wellbeing are of particular importance in Raisio's operations so that we can ensure product safety, process reliability and new innovations. 

Raisio's businesses have also identified other responsibility-related issues on which Raisio is actively working. Our Responsibility Programme brings together all responsibility themes material to the whole Group, on which Raisio will focus 2016 - 2018.

Preparation of the Responsibility Programme

We started preparing the Responsibility Programme in the spring 2015. The programme supports Raisio's business strategy, is focused on important responsibility issues. We wanted to achieve a clear and concrete programme.

Main parts of Raisio's value chain are matters related to responsible purchasing of raw materials, innovations and product development, healthiness and work safety. Since these themes were also highlighted in Raisio's Materiality Assessment, they were defined as the key themes of our Responsibility Programme. The Programme objectives support the implementation of Raisio's business strategy. 

Raisio's Responsibility Working Group worked on the programme in close cooperation with the businesses. Based on the information gained, they prepared a proposal for the promotion of the themes material for the whole Group and stakeholders. 

Raisio operates in many countries and in several sectors. Therefore, material responsibility themes vary by business. At the Group-level, three themes were defined to be material to every business.  To promote these themes, concrete goals and indicators were determined to monitor progress. Some of the objectives are business-specific.