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Well-being through healthy food

Raisio provides delicious, convenient, healthy and ecological choices for snacking. In addition, Benecol products have improved the heart health of millions for already 20 years. 

People have less and less time and opportunity for traditional meal eating, it has increasingly become an everyday luxury. Since most of us still want to eat in a healthy way, demand for healthier snacks in on the increase. 

Healthier alternatives

Raisio's goal is that 2/3 of all Benecol and snack products are healthier alternatives in their own categories. Factors affecting the product healthiness are, for example, fat composition, fibre content and the amount of sugar and salt. In 2015, Raisio started to determine its category-specific criteria for healthier options based on European nutritional guidelines. These criteria are used, for example, to support Raisio's product development.

Raisio's products are mainly plant-based and our snack products are rich in whole grain. Most product raw materials contain natural vitamins, minerals, fibres and good fats.

Benecol products are cholesterol-lowering functional foods. Benecol products contain unique plant stanol ester lowering cholesterol effectively. EU has granted plant stanol ester of Benecol products a disease risk reduction health claim. According to the claim, plant stanol ester has been proven to lower serum cholesterol levels.  High cholesterol level is a risk factor for heart disease.

Main events in 2015, Benecol

  • Benecol, the creator of cholesterol-lowering functional food category, celebrated its 20th anniversary. Millions of people around the world lower their cholesterol with Benecol products.
  • Marketing of Benecol products highlights the importance of a healthy lifestyle in cholesterol lowering. Raisio cooperates with several organisations promoting heart health, such as European Atherosclerosis Society, Heart UK and Finnish Heart Association.

Main events in 2015, Snack & Cereal

  • Northern European Snack & Cereal business introduced the Finnish Heart Association's Heart Symbol in catering products. Heart Symbol was granted to ten products. 40 per cent of Raisio's consumer products sold in Finland have the Heart Symbol. 
  • Elovena instant porridges with 50 per cent less sugar were launched in the spring 2015. The Elovena snack bar launched in the autumn contains no added sugar.
  • Gluten-free Provena product line was expanded.
  • Honey Monster cereal packages were equipped with traffic lights indicating the nutritional values of products. In the UK, the traffic light model is a commonly used way of informing consumers about the nutritional values of foods. 
  • Honey Monster's cereal recipe was modified and the amount of sugar was reduced. 

Main events in 2015, Confectionery

  • Free From products are a trend also in confectionery. In the spring 2015, Fox's Candy Bear soft gums were launched in the UK. They contain no artificial flavours or colours. 
  • Confectionery business has been looking for more natural alternatives to colour additives and reduced the use of palm oil. 

Main events in 2015, Raisioagro

  • Environmentally friendly and healthy Benella Rainbow Trout was launched to consumers in the autumn 2015. Benella Rainbow Trout is fed with Raisio's Hercules Opti feed innovation replacing part of fish oil in feed with rapeseed oil and ensuring the amount of EPA and DHA fatty acids good for human health. Benella Rainbow Trout has the Heart Symbol.

Cooperation with associations 

  • Raisio and the Finnish Athletics Federation (SUL) continued cooperation for the benefit of children's nutrition and physical education. The company organised the Elovena Power Day in 50 schools around Finland.
  • Raisio continued its cooperation with WWF Finland. Together we prepared, for example, a teaching material on responsible eating for schools from the perspective of global food production.

Objectives for 2016-2018

  • 2/3 of all Benecol and snack products will be healthier alternatives in their own categories.
  • We continue to develop cattle and fish feed innovations promoting well-being of people and animals.